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Guide to Climies 4x4 Track - Tasmania

Tassie Day 4 of 22

Climies Track - Wild West


As you can see we finished the track at 9PM at night.

Why you ask? Did we got bogged up to the sills? Nope. This 18km track will take you the best part of 6hrs to complete! We started at 3 PM lol. But we did film a Vlog, Take some harder lines and take in the scenery! (Its too good not to 😁

My only regret is not giving ourselves a full day or even 2 and camp on the track. Such a beautiful area!

Tasmania Parks SIGN
West Coast MTB Trail - Climes Track SIGN

Where do i start? the Track can be started from either Direction (south) Trial Harbour or (north) Granville Harbour - The Track distance is 18km

SUNSET over Trial Harbour - Tasmania
Trial Harbour - Climies Track SIGN SUNSET

As you have seen its recently featured on 4wd action. Made out to look really difficult, But reality strikes. Its not that hard at all. So dont let that scare you off and miss out on this beauty of a track!@camo_offthegridmediaand I did not get bogged once. No winching, no recovery tracks, no snatchies. Just walked all the major holes. Some were real deep and soft in the centre. But 1 car over they were fine.

Mountain views on Climies Track

there is a bridge around it also, but thats no fun
Notorious Climies Track Waterfall Section

Long Exposures from roof
Waterfall Views - Tasmania - Climies Track

TJM 4x4 T13 Outback Bar with TJM215LED 9500lb Torq Winch

TJM Airtec Snorkel - Climies Track
Airtec Snorkel about to be put through the test!

Climies Track Waterfall section
Prado 150 Kakadu -35" Tyres Full Air Rear

But i do advise a high clearance 4wd and some paitence. As some of these rocks and hollows can sneak up on you. Protecting your 4wd is important. In excitement to get to the bottom of a hill early on in the piece to get my drone out. I done both my sidesteps in the period of 20 seconds. Ouch, can still feel those bangs just thinking about it! 😬But boy am i glad they saved my sills!

Mud Bogs - Climies Track - Tasmania

So paitence is definitely key on a long technical track like this one. Strangely enough there is even a bridge around the main waterfall section. Perfect condition but i doubt anyone actually uses it haha.

For those experienced camper trailer guys, ild say you would be able to drag one through without too much issue taking it steady.

One last thing i noticed was! The tracks made around the main bog holes looked worse out in the soft grass. Some people have really dug themselves some holes out there as their 4wd has been swallowed. So be wary, sometimes the “chicken tracks” can be even worse !

Long story short, If climies isnt on your list. It should be 😍🙌🏼

📸Sony A7III

Outdoor wear
Waterfall Views -Tasmania -Rainger Supply Co


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