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Mcbrides Beach, Forster,NSW

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

Short and sweet 900M of hardcore 4wding just minutes north of Forster NSW, Leading to an incredible secluded beach front, makes for a great lunch stop over and a swim or just enjoying the track in and out.

Airel drone shot overlooking Mcbrides Beach

How do I get there? Get yourself to Forster, NSW. Turn off the Main road – The Lakes Way onto Cape Hawke Drive. Follow this for 3-4Kms Climb the steep hill and turn off to the left onto Mcbrides Beach Trail.

Theres a large carpark up the top, this is a great place to air down. Between 15-20Psi is suitable depending on your setup. As the beach down the bottom can be quite soft but it always helps to have that extra grip for that steep decent.

What I love is at the mouth of the track you will be presented with some serious wombat holes straight up, Something about getting a wheel in the air 20 Metres into a track really gets you in a groove.

From there it will momentarily flatten out then the decent starts.

Depending on your experience and setup, a guide is always recommended, it will far further your chance of coming out damage free. Which is what we all aim for right? haha

Further down you will come across a large deep mud hole, smaller tyres like 31-32" and small or no lift may struggle or scrape here, the bottom is fairly hard but just be wary.

One of the notorious rock sections, Just stick to the right, take your time, a guide is always good here.

Another sweet technical section. keep an eye on that inside rock, plenty of scuffs on that bad boy!

Once the track opens up at the bottom the view is incredible as you cruise out onto the beach!


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