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Toyota Canbus LED Lights - Aftermarket Driving Lights

Updated: Sep 29, 2018

2018 Toyota Prado GXL, Altitude, VX and Kakadu are now fitted with Canbus LED headlights, in simple terms the Headlight is now single module, which has went away from the simple method of Individual globes that has served us well for numerous years.

What this means to you and your Aftermarket Driving lights is?:

its now very difficult and risky to pick up a high beam signal when wiring up your flash new lights.

The Solution? - PZQ59-60140

Toyota released a factory harness to work with the Rallye 4000 lights they fit. Just change the plugs to suit your lights and off you go. Its good for 30Amp of current draw. but if you are seriously scared of the dark and have multiple lights perched up on the front of your truck, theres a good chance you will go over that 30A. But don’t stress, you can fix this by running an additional power source and subsequent relays for your requirements.

This harness can cost from $130-$160, sounds abit steep eh? it's actually quite a large and intricate harness. doubles as cheap insurance to not fry your expensive electronics.

As seen by the full Toyota Instruction Manual below it sources its power by plugging inline to the headlight stalk.


Rest of the Toyota manual below!



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