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2018 Prado - ATRAC (Traction control) with Rear difflock engaged.

Issue- when rear Difflock engaged. Traction control will not activate for the front wheels. Leaving you with a useless front axle when lifting wheels.

Solution explained- When the difflock is off. 12V is supplied to the VSC computer.

When the diff lock is engaged, this same wire receives 0 volts.

Which I found to be easiest to solder it to RHS top wire which when tested had 12V ignition power. (Looking at the plug as shown)

I cut this wire leaving length on the connector side. on the harness side you terminate/cover it as it is no longer required. Strip it back on the connector side and solder it to a 12V Ignition power source.

Which I found to be easiest to solder it to RHS top wire which when tested had 12V ignition power.

This modification had no adverse affects. The difflock light still works as it is supposed to in the Instrument cluster.

Not everyone needs to do this, only for serious 4wders noticing lack of traction on front axle when Rear diff lock engaged

This modification is big in the US for the 2007/2008 FJ cruisers. After this date Toyota updated the VSC to allow TC when diff lock engaged. Wiring is different in the FJ. But concept is the same.

*Disclaimer- Before cutting ANYTHING i highly suggest to check the function of this wire yourself. Checking it has voltage (+12V) when Difflock is off then No voltage when Diff lock is Engaged with Ignition in ON position,

It will require you to plug the connector back in, turn Ignition off then open the drivers door. before closing the door and restarting (clearing faults). To then operate the Difflocks again with ignition on or car running.

(Yes this can be done neater if you feel that way inclined, But i was the Test dummy. Have sinced tidyed it up, covered it all.)

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Mark Webster
Mark Webster
٠٦ يناير ٢٠٢٢

Hi Aaron, this looks like an amazing hack. Now you have had it for a while have you found any drawbacks?. Does it affect crawl mode or MTS at all?

Thanks in advance.


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